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What is Shen Yun Reddit?

If you look on Reddit or other online sites, you might not get the most accurate picture of what Shen Yun is. China’s communist propaganda department works overtime online and around the world to discredit Shen Yun, which it deems a threat to its hegemonic, one-voice rule. (Shen Yun celebrates traditional Chinese culture, which the regime has sought to erase, and is a vibrant response to communist censorship.)

Shen Yun is a classical performing arts company, featuring an exhilarating art form known as classical Chinese dance. Every performance is accompanied by a live orchestra and set to dynamic, patented interactive backdrops that transport viewers to distant lands and times. Shen Yun is seen everywhere, owing to it phenomenal popularity. The company travels to over a hundred cities around the world annually, performing for roughly a million viewers. The company regularly performs at top venues such as Lincoln Center in New York, routinely selling out theaters. Shen Yun’s popularity can be attributed to its breathtaking dance and music, its stunningly colorful costumes and scenery, as well as its timeless stories and inspiring message of hope. The best way to answer the question, though, is to see Shen Yun for yourself!